Lars won a trip to space, so how could he say no to going? He was excited to explore, but worried that he needed more astronaut training.
Nonetheless, the mission had to leave. So, they strapped him into the spaceship and told him to hold on for his life. Who knew that spaceships were so tricky to drive? He was surprised that they didn’t have a self-park option...or a softer landing.
Lars followed the maps provided, but it was hard to tell which way is right when there aren’t any corners. He encountered some interesting life forms during his journey. Some were friendly. Some were decidedly not. Thank goodness for ray guns.
But, in all of the uncertainty, he was in awe of the organic shapes and swirly shades he was surrounded by. He never dreamed it would look like this. And now, back on land, space is all he dreams about.
Special thanks to Grace Flack for writing the story.
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